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Timing pulley manufacturer in Chennai , Timing Pulleys are used in applications where exact power needs to be transmitted with exact speed and gear ratios. These pulleys are used in diesel engines and automotive engines. Timing Pulley seems like spur gears and have teeth that have pitch with some specific diameter. The tooth forms are trapezoidal and are machined on shaping machines. Plastic molded timing pulley are finch molded with the required tooth form. The timing pulley reduces belt creep to a minimal level. They are available in metric and inch units. The design of the timing pulleys begins with treating the two timing pulley as meshing gears. In a system, there will be driver pulley and a driven pulley. Side flanges are also provided to eliminate any side movement of the belt when it is rotating. Timing pulley are made of light materials such as aluminum, plastic or cast iron. They are hub or shaft mounted with precision ball bearings. Timing pulley are selected per the speed ratio required, diametrical pitch, diameter of the driven and driver pulley, distance between them, power to be transmitted and other details. Best Pulleys and Couplings P Ltd is the leading manufacturers and exporters of timing pulley in Chennai. These Timing or Positive Drive Pulley are available in an expansive range and each one complies with the international quality standards. The main features of these pulleys are its efficiency, noiseless output, high tensile strength, speed, and slipping variation. Being the leading timing pulley manufacturer in Chennai, we ensure that our timing pulley perform silently or with relatively low noise levels. The High Torque Drive provides trouble free, positive power transmission at lower speeds in high torque applications. It offers numerous advantages over the conventional gear and chain drives. No vibration, snatching, or speed loss happens with our timing pulley , We proudly says We are the Best Timing Pulley Manufacturer in Chennai.